About Us

About the Company

At Marrs Creative LLC, it is important we make lasting friendships with our clients. A special connection between Marrs Creative LLC and our clients is what sets us apart from the other graphic designers and photographers in the area. Marrs Creative LLC is owned and operated by Irvine, KY native, Marla Marrs. Marrs Creative LLC was founded on March 25th 2015.

About Marla

Marrs graduated from Estill County High School in 2010. After high school, Marrs attended Eastern Kentucky University where she graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. Even at a young age, Marrs has had an interest in art and began experimenting with photography and digital art and design as young as thirteen. She then knew that graphic design and photography would be something she would continue to pursue.

From Marla herself

I opened  Marrs Creative because I wanted something to do while searching for a full time job in graphic design.I grew up in Estill County (Irvine, KY) and have lived in Irvine all my life (minus the four years I was at EKU.) Art has always been something I’ve had an interest in and love greatly. My creativity and inspiration comes from the world around me; especially growing up in the hills and woods of Estill County. Anything can be beautiful –it all depends on how you view it. I’m a people person and I enjoy greatly working with others. Graphic design and photography allows me to connect with others and make friendships. Building relationships with other people is one of the reasons what make graphic design and photography worthwhile. It’s fantastic to watch a business or family grow and to know you were a part of it in some way.