Daily Color Schemes

For the past month I’ve been posting ‘Daily Color Schemes’ on Facebook. It’s been nice having something to post daily, but I’ve decided I’ll change it to a weekly post.  Here’s a look at the last month posts!

Stephenson Wedding

On November the 21st I was able to shoot Mackenzie Crump and Rob Stevenson wedding. The wedding took place at Buffalo Trace in Frankfort, KY. It was completely gorgeous. Mackenzie and I have known each other for a few years – I met her at Eastern. She’s been a great friend and has done so much for me over the years. It was a complete honor to able to document such a special day for her. Congrats you two!

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Estill County – GEM

The other day I was able to meet with a club, GEM, for girls middle school and high school girls.  GEM stands for Girls Empowerment & Mentors. While meeting with the girls I spoke to them about what I do — photography and design. By the end of my presentation we had decided that I would create a logo for them and help the girls design their new t-shirts. They’re a great bunch of girls and I look forward to working with them. Please stay tuned to see our upcoming work!


Rue Wedding

Tina and I went to high school together. Oct 11th 2015 Tina married Dustin. I was completely honored when she asked me to take her wedding photos.  The wedding took place at The Barn at Pin Oaks in the hills of Berea, KY. It was such a gorgeous wedding for a gorgeous couple. Congrats you two! Thank you again.

Nikki Robey Graduation Portraits

Nikki and I met up once again to shoot. This time around though it was for her graduation portraits. Of course, as always, she rocked in front of the camera. This December Nikki is graduating from Midway. We met on a beautiful, fall evening at Midway’s campus to do her shoot. We had a lot of fun and we created many successful photos. Congrats Nikki! Thanks for letting me shoot these!

Darren Zancan

Darren Zancan was the Editor in Chief when I began as a photographer at the Eastern Progress in 2010. Over the years we’ve still kept in touch. Darren has many talents other than just journalism.  He’s a professor, song writer, actor, and a musician. Darren contacted me to do a few shots for his new album.

Darren Zancan Band Facebook Page

Here’s a few photos from the shoot!

Dani Hall | Senior Portraits | Estill County

Dani Hall and I have known each other for several years. She’s grown up to be such a lovely young lady. I can’t believe you’re a senior, Dani!

Dani and I had a fanatic time shooting her senior portraits. She’s a bit shy but luckily I was able to get her to warm up to the camera fairly quickly. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. Keep being you!

Harley | Senior Portraits |Madison Central

Harley and I started our shoot at Madison Central and then worked our way to EKU. Over this time I got to know him and his father. Harley is a senior who is interested in guitars and comic books.  I think we were very successful in showing his interests and style! It was such a pleasure to meet you Harley!

Morgan Family Portraits

Brittany is a close friend from high school. We’ve known each other for at least seven or eight years. It’s always been a pleasure working with her and her family. Our adventure Sunday lasted almost all day. It started at 11:00 when I met Brittany at her house. She was taking some of the kids to the mall to find clothes for them to wear and I decided to go with her. I’m so glad I did.

I got to know her two exchange students better. Xavier and JP are two of the nicest young men. They fit in so well with her family. It’s absolutely amazing how people with such diverse backgrounds and cultures can come together and be a family. In reality we’re all the same. No matter how different our background or cultures are. These two boys and the Morgan family proves that. read more