Trae & Kala’s Engagement

On Easter I found out my older brother, Trae, got engaged to his girlfriend, Kala. So, being the sister, graphic designer, photographer that I am, I immediately wanted to setup engagement photos and get invites designed.

On April 5th I met my brother and Kala in Morehead, KY and we ironed out the rest of the details for our shoot later that evening.  We traveled to Cave Run and had a great time (even though it was slightly chilly, haha.)

After the shoot Kala and I discussed wedding invitations and I gathered more details about the wedding. read more

Wow, a Year Already?!

Marrs Creative LLC is celebrating our first year of operation.

We’ve been able to do many wonderful things this past year. We were able to shoot many different special occasions such as weddings, children, seniors, engagements, maternity and more for many special people!

Here are some photos, designs and images from the past year, please enjoy!

tshirt3IMG_0414 IMG_9653 IMG_8410 IMG_4494 IMG_1074 (2) IMG_1971 IMG_9977 IMG_9981 IMG_6961-2 IMG_6658 IMG_6751 index

We wanted to send a special thanks to our clients and friends who have helped Marrs Creative LLC grow over the past year. read more

Daily Color Schemes

For the past month I’ve been posting ‘Daily Color Schemes’ on Facebook. It’s been nice having something to post daily, but I’ve decided I’ll change it to a weekly post.  Here’s a look at the last month posts!