Camden Family Portraits

I first met Shannon when she was pregnant with Olivia. Instantly I felt a connection to her and I knew we would be friends. This is one of my favorite things about being a photographer – connecting with people. Last week I did a family shoot with Shannon and her family. We had such a fun time together and I enjoyed watching the Caleb and Ray play (They even found a baby snapping turtle.)  Here are some of the photos from our shoot.

King Wedding

It’s not often I get to attend a wedding as a guest. On April the 2nd I attended my college friends’, Jake and Emily, wedding. I’ve known Jake for the past six years (Wow, six whole years?). I don’t remember exactly our first class together, but being in EKU Art program and graphic design majors we’ve share a lot of classes together. I’ve spent many hours with my design buddies including Jake.  We spent late nights in the lab/studios working on projects, eating meals together in Powell, listening to Jake’s unique taste in music, or watching the Titanic more times than I can count. My point is, I’ve shared many memories with these people. Even though we do not see each other 3-5 days of the week anymore, I’m happy I’m able to continue to add to the memories we share. I was more than thrilled to be able to be there on Jake and Emily’s special day. Congratulations to the both of you. I wish you all the best and I’m so happy for you. read more

Trae & Kala’s Engagement

On Easter I found out my older brother, Trae, got engaged to his girlfriend, Kala. So, being the sister, graphic designer, photographer that I am, I immediately wanted to setup engagement photos and get invites designed.

On April 5th I met my brother and Kala in Morehead, KY and we ironed out the rest of the details for our shoot later that evening.  We traveled to Cave Run and had a great time (even though it was slightly chilly, haha.)

After the shoot Kala and I discussed wedding invitations and I gathered more details about the wedding. read more

Daily Color Schemes

For the past month I’ve been posting ‘Daily Color Schemes’ on Facebook. It’s been nice having something to post daily, but I’ve decided I’ll change it to a weekly post.  Here’s a look at the last month posts!

Stephenson Wedding

On November the 21st I was able to shoot Mackenzie Crump and Rob Stevenson wedding. The wedding took place at Buffalo Trace in Frankfort, KY. It was completely gorgeous. Mackenzie and I have known each other for a few years – I met her at Eastern. She’s been a great friend and has done so much for me over the years. It was a complete honor to able to document such a special day for her. Congrats you two!

collage 3collage 4Collagecollage 2

Rue Wedding

Tina and I went to high school together. Oct 11th 2015 Tina married Dustin. I was completely honored when she asked me to take her wedding photos.  The wedding took place at The Barn at Pin Oaks in the hills of Berea, KY. It was such a gorgeous wedding for a gorgeous couple. Congrats you two! Thank you again.

Nikki Robey Graduation Portraits

Nikki and I met up once again to shoot. This time around though it was for her graduation portraits. Of course, as always, she rocked in front of the camera. This December Nikki is graduating from Midway. We met on a beautiful, fall evening at Midway’s campus to do her shoot. We had a lot of fun and we created many successful photos. Congrats Nikki! Thanks for letting me shoot these!

Darren Zancan

Darren Zancan was the Editor in Chief when I began as a photographer at the Eastern Progress in 2010. Over the years we’ve still kept in touch. Darren has many talents other than just journalism.  He’s a professor, song writer, actor, and a musician. Darren contacted me to do a few shots for his new album.

Darren Zancan Band Facebook Page

Here’s a few photos from the shoot!