Trae & Kala’s Engagement

On Easter I found out my older brother, Trae, got engaged to his girlfriend, Kala. So, being the sister, graphic designer, photographer that I am, I immediately wanted to setup engagement photos and get invites designed.

On April 5th I met my brother and Kala in Morehead, KY and we ironed out the rest of the details for our shoot later that evening.  We traveled to Cave Run and had a great time (even though it was slightly chilly, haha.)

After the shoot Kala and I discussed wedding invitations and I gathered more details about the wedding.

Congrats to my brother and Kala! I’m so happy for you both.


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4 thoughts on “Trae & Kala’s Engagement

    1. Thank you! I’m proud of the both of them too. They have overcome a lot; they both have so much to be happy about.

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